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ABC South Consulting and sister company, Lana Advertising, wants to make your business advertising’s simple and easy as ABC !

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ABC South Consulting’s Special Membership Program will help your company save 40 – 60% on all your advertising and marketing !

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Businesses Enjoying Our New Marketing Program !

Tom, Manager Dallas, TX

ABC South Consulting”s Membership has save us over $5,000 already this year. It also has saved me so much time. The sale staff is so helpful and their experience is over the top. It took me a few hours the first weeks to get our artwork and list of products we currently use. Then ABC Consulting set up a company store with all the discounts listed and it takes no time to place a new order for our advertising supplies. Thank You ABC South Consulting ! 

Dr. J. Owens, dds

ABC South Consulting & Lana Advertising has handled all our marketing for 15 years. I’m proud to say that their membership program started from an Idea the owner had to help my business save money so I could afford to continue receiving high qualtiy products and marketing support from Lana Advertising. The staff is extremly creative and helpful which make marketing my pediatric dentristy a breeze. They continue to work on providing us convenient ways to purchase custom marketing products and needed forms. Making advertising simple and easy for me and my Staff! Thank You Again !

Sandy, Owner Redneck Country

We are always excited with the marketing & promotions the staff at ABC South Consulting create for us.  For 15 years, our customers have praised the items we sell and give away  to promote our bar !

Now with the new membership program we are seeing larger profits with the same wonderful high quality products, customer service and easier ordering !

Thank you, for the great program & service !

Held’s Kitchen

Running a small Mom & Pa restaurant is challenging with all the franchises & larger restaurants we compete against.

ABC South Consulting”s New Marketing Program helped us level the playing field. As the marketing program provides us  the same savings as the large restaurants receive on our marketing letting us concentrate on our menu and service.  

Thank you ABC South Consulting for creating this wonderful program for us ! 



More Info On Marketing & Branding


ABC South Consulting provides companies with

complete Branding and Marketing

which support growth in their business.

Branding, marketing, advertising, promotions

are just some words that companies struggle with,

what do they do….

what are their effects….

 which are most important….

That will help my business grow.


ABC South Consulting helps business with this struggle.

Our goal is to make it as SIMPLE as ABC.

Lets start by putting these words into an outline,  

a simple breakdown……


A. Branding – Your company’s signature

B. Marketing 

1. Advertising

    a. Print & Direct Mail

    b. Promotional Items

    c. Radio & TV

    d. Websites & Internet

2. Market Research

    a. Market Trends

    b. SWOT & Risk Analysis

    c. Product Research

   d. Competitor & Customer Analysis

3. Media Planning

    a. Targeting

    b. Environmental Scan

    c. Understanding the Audience

    d. Control

4. Publice Relations

    a. Managing spread of information

    b. Creating Coverage for Free

    c. Helping Maintain View of Business

5. Sales Strategy

    a. Define Target Market

    b. Determine Outreach  

    c. Know Your Questions

    d. Deliver & Build

    e. Monitor